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Consilium Partners provides a range of compliance, risk and business continuity services


Having an effective compliance program for your company is a necessity in todays world. Not only to protect your company from compliance risks, but also to protect your employees as well. Consilium offers end-to-end solutions.

We can design, roll out and maintain a compliance program fitting your needs. The core elements of compliance programs are similar, however the setup of each program differs depending on the risk profile and characteristics and wishes of your company.

Does your company already have a compliance program in place that requires review? Or do you start from scratch? The Compliance Company offers a tailored solution with a predictable budget and tangible results for each company.

Compliance Level Scan

Do you know where your organisation stands with its compliance program? Do you know if your employees are sufficiently aware of the risks they are facing and committed to limit these?  Having a compliance program does not always mean that it is effective.

Consilium offers a quick and simple Compliance Level Scan. With this scan you can assess the effectiveness of your compliance program and the awareness of your employees. Gaps which are identified are eliminated or reduced accordingly for business safety.

Risk Assessment

Identifying the risks a company faces is the starting point of a compliance program. The risk assessment identifies and maps your risks. It focusses on the type of business you are in, your involvement in such various matters, possible contacts you maintain with governments and other third parties, as well as, enforcement by regulators.

The resulting risk profile reflects the real risks for your company and is the foundation of your compliance program and puts your company in control. 

Compliance Policy

A compliance program requires a clear set of internal rules and practical guidelines for your employees. Our experts combine solid legal with business experience and can translate the law into business practice. 

A compliance policy is more than a translation of the law. It also reflects the business ethics and values of the company. Most important, the rules should give clear and easy to understand guidance for everyone concerned.

Consilium guides you in setting up a compliance policy that fits your organisation’s needs. The main elements can consist of a code of conduct and specific policies and procedures covering topics such as anti-corruption, competition law, data privacy, export controls and trade sanctions. The Compliance Company can assist with designing a new set of policies or reviewing and updating existing policies. 

Program Management and Effectiveness

To stay in control and effectively protect your business, a compliance program requires ongoing attention. Continuous assessment of risks and adaptation to the evolving organisation and regulatory environment is essential.

The increasing amount of compliance requirements and the ever-changing legal landscape call for regular updates of the compliance program. Regulators do not only expect you to have a compliance program, but also require its effectiveness being regularly checked.

Consilium offers solutions to ease the burden of maintaining your compliance program by providing on the job support, embedding partially automated checks, implementing tracking systems.


Training your employees is an essential element of your compliance program. Your employees help you build a strong compliance culture. It is our experience that employees want to do the right thing, but they need to know what is exactly expected from them.

Providing tailored training to employees will empower them to make the right decisions and act accordingly. Classroom training, web-ex, cascaded trainings or e-learnings.

We will create the training blend that fits your organisation. Consilium offers a range of trainings and can assist with the organisation and registration of trainings.   

Internal Investigations & Audits

Even a company with a solid an effective compliance program may be confronted with an investigation into its business practices or behavior of its employees.

Investigations by a regulator imply a significant internal workload and can put a strain on day-to-day business. We have broad experience in managing such investigations in-house and can support you in this. Similarly, we can assist your company in due diligence projects and audits relating to compliance topics.

On Job Support

A compliance program needs to be fully integrated into your organisation. This results in a significant additional workload.

We provide on the job support for professionals that deal with compliance topics on a day-to-day basis. They are the first ones the business turns to with questions and doubts.

Our experts have been working in similar teams and know what is needed to make compliance part of the company’s DNA. 


Companies that are under investigation by an authority may be required to appoint an independent compliance monitor as part of the settlement of the investigation. We see this happening in an increasing number of cases. 

The role of the monitor is to support the implementation of a (improved) compliance program inside the company and to monitor the progress. 

Consilium combines legal expertise with a practical compliance approach to achieve a successful outcome of the monitorship for the company.

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